He really does exist!…He’s out there working towards political change, fighting for a cause or making a difference in a young person’s life.

He’s not a saint or anything, he just gets that he has a connection to the Universe and other people. He’s on Earth to contribute and leave something of himself that improves the world for others, even if it’s just a legacy of human decency.

He is the MAGICAL GOLD MINE MAN. He doesn’t actually mine gold and, if you’re a gold-digger, you probably won’t want or recognize him.

Let me tell you, though, he’s beautiful. He glows from the inside. He holds doors kindly and doesn’t care whether he gets a “Thank you”(even though he deserves it). He doesn’t expect sex for buying dinner and he loves providing.

He likes to intentionally contribute things like laughs, peace, strength, and fun. 

Whether or not he has money, he wants to make you smile. Whether he’s making everyone in a space feel welcomed or just not skipping out on a mess for someone else to clean up, he takes pride in exiting a room in better condition than when he entered it.

He is friendly and comfortable with himself. 

He doesn’t feel threatened by other powerful, self-accepted men. You can ask him about his dreams and visions for the future and he’ll tell you because he believes in them. He wants to know and believe in yours too.

He doesn’t deal in “shame”. He doesn’t want anyone around him to feel shame, not his parents, not his kids, and especially not the woman he loves. He knows that he’s also made mistakes and so forgiveness is easier for him. Mainly, because he’s forgiven himself.

He gets that the woman he’s with is a partner and not a possession. He doesn’t put her on a pedestal. He falls in love with her humanity and humanness. He loves that she’s not perfect and he would never demand that she live beyond reproach in the face of his own bad behaviors.

He’d rather just come whole and continue to grow together. 

He has some ways he’s not proud of, and he owns all of it. It’s not anyone else’s fault or responsibility. He is powerful enough to know only he can transform himself. He believes in his own ability to inspire change in others by changing himself.

He doesn’t believe in changing others. 

What he loves and appreciates most is when he’s respected and accepted flaws and all. Rather than feed his own ego with how great he must be, he acknowledges the people who really see him by pulling them closer under his wing.

He may not want to, but he’s not afraid to ask for help. He knows that he can’t go it completely alone and so he pulls resources. Other people support him because they know what’s in his heart by his actions. Others rarely ask him for anything in return. They don’t need to, he’s usually got their back. Kids and animals of all ages and sizes love his patience.

He doesn’t wait for permission or avoid decisions.
He knows what he wants and is in action with creating it. He stands for something, unapologetically, on behalf of someone besides himself.

He’s not indecisive about relationships. What he says aligns with exactly how he behaves. If he doesn’t want to be in a relationship he’s crystal clear and there are no mixed messages.

If he does, there are no games. A woman he truly wants to be with never has to chase him for dates, phone calls, affection, bill-paying, participation, non-sexual intimacy, etc.

If a woman does find herself pursuing him and persists, a gold mine man who has already said and proven he’s not interested will stand his ground. He knows he’s doing her a favor because he’s very aware that even the best of men don’t flourish in a situation to which they aren’t committed.

All of the above are great guideposts for recognizing a Gold Mine Man, but what makes him magical and seemingly rare is at the epicenter of his value. “What’s that?” you may ask.

EMPATHY. An empathetic man is the only kind of man that can make a relationship survive-able, let alone worth committing to. 

If you’ve ever reached a point where you really needed to connect with a man on a heart-centered level or you realized that learning each other’s needs was the lifeline of your relationship in the midst of life’s trials, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Hit me back by reply and let me know about your experience with a relationship void of empathy.

Can’t remember?

Just think of the guy who shoved his dick in your face expecting “head” because you were on your period. Or possibly the one who had addictions that took priority over all else.

Maybe the one whose sense of humor frequently relied on you being the butt of the joke. The one who ignored your feelings unless you were screaming your head off.

The one who pushed his way in front of you whenever you went anywhere. The one who violated your privacy. The one who withheld affection unless sex was on the table.

The one who had no positive, productive male friends. The one who blamed everyone and everything else when things weren’t working.

The one who demanded tons of compassion but rarely offered it. The one who repeatedly put you on a pedestal for a chance to knock you down again.

The one who mocked your emotions after intentionally triggering them. The one who had no direction. The one who’s integrity depended on a skewed perception of the external.

The one who kept expecting you to believe his words while his actions repeatedly said otherwise.

The one who kept returning only to berate you with how you weren’t good enough. The one who managed to walk away convinced they were a victim despite every move they made to sabotage any real, intimate connection.

Remember that guy?

Let’s all heal from him. Soon I’ll be holding a workshop to manifest our Gold Mine Man.

All I need from you is a little feedback.

Comment below and answer these questions. 
1. Do you want a workshop?
2. Would you rather April or May?
3. What specific area would you want us to focus on? Healing, manifestation, healthy attraction (or write in your own)?

Let me know. I’m here to serve.
As always, wishing you Love & Life, 
Coach Candice
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