Top Three Questions to Ask On The First Date

Top Three Questions to Ask On The First Date

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Instantly download this digital book. “Top Three Questions…” is a quick read. It’s also a quick and easy way to understand the men you date more intimately. It’s important that in the age of swipe and type we take the time to have high-value conversations with people who could potentially sleep next to us, travel with us, or raise our kids.


Look, you’re a catch, there’s no doubt about it. Question is… do you know it? In other words, are you so crystal clear about who you are and what’s important to that you would easily recognize the right guy for you? If so, great! Download this book for a little support.

If you’re like a lot of women, you may not be so crystal clear. You may be blind dating and dating blind. Dating blind is when you have no idea what you ultimately want so you’re picking a bunch of unavailables and blocked by frustration.

Tired of playing the game and filling with excitement only to have your hopes deflated? Tired of tips and tricks for how to catch him with no idea whether he’s truly worthy of your bait? Want to know if he has potential beyond his backside or his bank account? Ask the three questions in this book and see what ensues. Download now and free your Fridays for real connection.


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