A self-study journal for mature single women who want to stop getting ghosted, lose weight emotionally and physically, and attract healthy, long-lasting, romantic relationships. Even if you’ve given up on Love.

RELEASE DATE: January 2019


  • Are you overweight, drinking too much, or ignoring your wellbeing because you’re unhappy about being single or had a devastating breakup?
  • Do you toggle between making concentrated efforts to find someone or pretending that you are perfectly happy while busily trying to convince yourself on the inside?
  • Have you given up hope that you can create or have what you want in your Love Life?
  • Do you immerse yourself in work rather than spend time alone and feeling lonely?
  • Do you look back on your romantic past and need to continuously talk yourself down off the ledge of regret?
  • Do you feel like the theme of your Love Life is “bad choices”?
  • Do you keep dating and doing what you’ve always known to do, even though it isn’t working?
  • Do you need for a possible partner to fit into a mold and consistently reject people who don’t fit the criteria? (i.e. education/income, race, religion, age, etc.)
  • Are you afraid that as you get older, your protective emotional shell may be hardening and preventing you from experiencing a real loving connection?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, don’t feel like you’re doing anything wrong. Consider that no matter what has happened in the past, you have the ability to create something new in the future if you’re willing.

Peace Purpose Partnership

This program goes against all of the “Get A Man to Be Happy” BS and teaches you how to be a magnet for healthy relationships. Anyone can “get” a man, but if what you want is an intimate, supportive, uplifting bond with an equal, it starts from the inside.

All it will take is just 45-Days of your whole-hearted willingness.

The Results

  • The skills to savor your singlehood and use it to your greatest advantage.
  • The ability to hear your intuition and follow it without second-guessing.
  • The ability to weed out the duds with virtually no effort whatsoever.
  • Develop true intimacy for honest relationships.
  • You’ll learn how to stand in your power and be patient about what you communicate – no more stressing about whether you’ve said/done the “wrong” thing.
  • Release emotional weight AND physical weight.
  • The ability to really feel good without consequences. You won’t need food, booze, weed or shopping.
  • You’ll learn what to focus on and how to channel your energies for your best mental and physical health.
  • You will learn how to physically walk the walk instead of just talking the self-help talk. You’ll actually be able to apply it to your life in reality.
  • Positive transformation in your body, your beauty, your energy, as well as your mind and your heart. It’s not a fitness program but it will bring out your SEXIEST most irresistible self. 


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