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You’ve tried all the tips and tricks. You’ve followed one Love Guru after another and read all the books. You’ve waited 90 days, you’ve created a vision board, you’ve gone to a yearly feminine energy retreat. Yet somehow, you still haven’t been able to create a Love Life that works.

Sometimes you get angry when you hear the “Get A Man To Be Happy” narrative. Social media can be especially difficult. Why are all these women who are no more special than you are, no smarter, no more successful finding these amazing relationships and having it all, while you’re still in ‘the struggle’?

Perhaps you’ve given up on the idea of being a mother? Perhaps you still think about it sometimes. Most importantly though, you dream about a partner who you can trust, who is a match for your capabilities, who will see you for who you really are. What you really want is someone who forgives your weaknesses and celebrates your strengths.

You fantasize about past relationships and give yourself a hard time while trying to figure out what you could have done better. In the loneliest moments, you may think about how you would go back and fix it if you could. Then you regroup, check in on your go-to dating app, get a few spa treatments and put yourself out there again in the hopes that this time will be the last time. In the back of your mind, you’ve stopped believing and started to justify settling. Either way, none of it feels right.

Good news! You don’t have to fill the emotional void with food, booze, unattached sex, controlling behavior, anger, or any other vices. Click below to fill out an application for a complimentary discovery call where I guarantee I can map out steps for transforming your Love Life into one you can’t wait to live out loud! No more singlehood shame or settling. Apply for a complimentary call now.

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4 Side Benefits of Effective Love Coaching


Do you know what you want? Before you answer “yes” consider that your requirements list is not necessarily what will bring you a happy Love Life. Who are you being in your Love Life right now? Is it working? I can help you answer these questions in a way that gets you results.

Core Values

What means the most to you? What would an intimate partner need to know in order to Love you intimately?  Coaching will not only teach you how to understand what is crucial to your soul, it will inspire you to share your values in a way that makes you irresistible.


How often do you really express yourself fully? Coaching can teach you how to tap into your authenticity and say “yes” when you mean yes and “no” when you mean no. No hurt feelings. No misunderstandings. Just respect and admiration.


It’s more than just knowing you look good. It’s also standing in your truth and teaching other people how to treat you. You never have to settle for anything that doesn’t support your belief in yourself. Coaching can help you get your groove back.

Client Love


Working with Candice was an absolute pleasure. She is patient and perceptive and quickly clued into the core of things. She was the exact support that I needed to attract what I needed into my life. Candice is one of those rare people that in her presence you can’t help but feel supported and special. Thank you!

Hannah, Entrepreneur

Candice never made me feel worse about my situation. She was empathetic with her words, yet effective and direct. Her positivity, energy, and genuine support were so contagious and inspiring. She exceeded my expectations. I recommend Candice to anyone who wants to make a change and get on track to success.

Janis, Real Estate Agent

Ever since I started reading Candice’s posts and weekly newsletter, my life has catapulted forward in the most positive way! She has taught me to really trust myself and be fearless in my approach with everything I do! I have learned to just love ME!

Nicole, Travel Exec.

When I landed stateside and had an afternoon lunch with Candice Harper, it dawned on me. I should do a one-month love coaching session with her. After that, I extended to 6 weeks. I can honestly say the Love Coaching sessions with Candice shifted how I approached dating and also helped me work through forgiveness and closure with past relationships. I immediately started dating without any fear and attracting the type of partner that stimulated me in every way. I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially if you’ve give up on love.

D'Angelo, Make Up Artist