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It all started…

with a Master of Fine Arts degree from New York University and a dream to create amazing things in the world. Raised by an Air Force Master Seargent and a dedicated Reading Teacher, I am every bit of the drive and sense of community that my parents instilled in me. I’ve always had an independent spirit and lots of opportunities. I define myself as multi-talented, multi-passionate and self-expressed. I’ve been a costume designer, a corporate fashion admin, a TV Art Director, a web creator, photo editor, and even a dog walker. Those were just the jobs I liked. Then I found myself in an abusive relationship.

A Love Coach is…

what I became in order to heal myself. I had spent years learning and researching different modalities for personal growth but couldn’t apply any of what I learned until I understood what it would take to leave abuse behind.  I use my journey from surviving to thriving as a guidepost for my purpose. I channel everything I’ve researched, everything I’ve practiced, and all of my know-how into being a healer who can lead you to deep-level connectivity with yourself and others. How am I able to do this and why do I care?

Where talents & passions are multiplied by challenges…

is exactly where I found my “why”. I believe our purpose is where our passions and talents are multiplied by our toughest challenges. Creator, communicator and artist are my talents and identity. My passion is teaching personal growth and transformation. My life’s biggest challenge was love and relationships. Which is why I began studying human behavior over twenty years ago. My tough relationship experiences have inspired me to truly express myself, radically accept myself, and learn how to create what I want. I combine it with training that taught me how to help others discover and release their areas of self-sabotage. I am the coach that won’t give up until you have a breakthrough. You will have exactly what you want. To put it simply, if you hire a trainer to help you lose weight, hire one that used to be fat.

What We Think We Create, Be Mindful of Your Magic.

  • -Candice Harper
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