I’m Candice Harper Love Coach. If you’ve tried all the dating guru ‘tips & tricks’, and still live in the struggle.

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Thursday, November 15th, 2018


Are you ready to radiate? If you’re like me and in your forties, you’ve been through the heartbreak, the disappointments possibly even the divorces, miscarriages, or single motherhood. You’ve found yourself settling all too often and you’ve got all the battle scars to prove it. Click below and get registered for this mini-workshop in Manhattan.  Learn how to go from being desperate, overweight, beaten down, or just unlucky in Love to glowing with absolute GROWN WOMAN irresistibility. Have your choice of partners and be more audacious and vivacious than you were before you said your first “I do”. Click below to learn more. This is a live, in-person workshop with experiential and interactive learning. Register now and watch your Love Life begin to transform immediately.

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Client Love


Working with Candice was an absolute pleasure. She is patient and perceptive and quickly clued into the core of things. She was the exact support that I needed to attract what I needed into my life. Candice is one of those rare people that in her presence you can’t help but feel supported and special. Thank you!

Hannah, Entrepreneur

Candice never made me feel worse about my situation. She was empathetic with her words, yet effective and direct. Her positivity, energy, and genuine support were so contagious and inspiring. She exceeded my expectations. I recommend Candice to anyone who wants to make a change and get on track to success.

Janis, Real Estate Agent

Ever since I started reading Candice’s posts and weekly newsletter, my life has catapulted forward in the most positive way! She has taught me to really trust myself and be fearless in my approach with everything I do! I have learned to just love ME!

Nicole, Travel Exec.

When I landed stateside and had an afternoon lunch with Candice Harper, it dawned on me. I should do a one-month love coaching session with her. After that, I extended to 6 weeks. I can honestly say the Love Coaching sessions with Candice shifted how I approached dating and also helped me work through forgiveness and closure with past relationships. I immediately started dating without any fear and attracting the type of partner that stimulated me in every way. I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially if you’ve give up on love.

D'Angelo, Make Up Artist

Desperate Distractions


Getting older doesn’t have to mean settling. Which is why it’s important to release the habits that not only age us faster, but wreck our self-esteem. There’s absolutely no reason why we can’t have an amazing Love Life at any age. Which ‘desperate distractions’ are stopping you?

Bad Boys

Well-endowed weed heads, ex-cons, F-boys who need you to foot the bills, emotionally detached success junkies who’ll never commit. It’s so easy to get caught up, especially since they’re usually good-looking. How do we break the addiction?


When we numb our negative emotions and trauma with vices (drugs, booze, shopping, the internet…) it’s like freezing sh*t. You may not be able to smell it anymore but you still have to let it go to be healthy. What can you release for space to heal?


It’s the guard outside the cell door of our comfort zone.  Where nothing grows or challenges us. Where our dreams and visions die. The place that will eventually evict us if we never choose to move. What’s your biggest fear?

Limiting Beliefs

Whatever you believe is absolutely 100% true. For you. If you want to experience a different outcome, you only have to change the way you look at life. What would it take for you to clean your slate and see what else you can make true?


A great myth is that we are safer, happier, and more apt to have what we want within the bounds of what we can control. The catch 22 is that the greatest Love Life we can create is not a product of our control but rather our release.

Negative Body Image

Doesn’t matter what’s really going on with your body. What matters is what you say to yourself about it. Other people can only accept us to the level at which we accept ourselves. Are you aging gracefully or fighting it every step?

When I Grow Myself, I Help Others Grow Too